Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Move it along, folks - nothing to see here...

As I prepare to set off on my (third) IM adventure, I figured I'd spice it up a bit by hopping on the blogwagon and memorialize some of my training/racing adventures in this cozy little nook.

A little history - I began triathlon in 2003, and, after vowing publically to "never, ever, under no circumstance" do an Ironman distance race, signed up and (barely) completed IM Wisconsin in 2006. Although the race didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped - it was miserably cold and rain-soaked the whole day, and I botched the nutrition something fierce, which resulted in me walking the last half or so of the marathon - the experience was unbelievably powerful, both physically and emotionally. And also very addictive.

At the risk of being overly-sappy, there's simply nothing like completing a race of that magnatude, and we (me, along with my wife and my best buddy, Drew, who also did IMWI with me) signed up and completed IM AZ in 2007. There, I had a much better day, and had the added benefit of seeing my amazing wife also complete the race and with a fantastic time.

Having achieved some level of "revenge" over the distance, we decided to sign up for IM CdA in 2008, but, sadly, injuries forced my wife (Cathy) and I to withdraw, and 2008 was pretty much scrapped as far as training/racing goes.

Instead, we (or rather, Drew and I) decided to forcus on IM WI for '09, and we dragged Cathy up to Madison in September to volunteer at the '08 edition in hopes of securing entries for '09. Of course, Cathy being Cathy, she simply couldn't resist the allure of another IM experience, and I'm thrilled that she'll be giving it another go with us. It should be great.

So, here we go - right now, I'm still trying to put together some level of base fitness after, essentially, sitting on my duff with a bad hamstring for eight months. Real training doesn't start for another month or so. Having been forced to the bench for sooooo long, I'm excited to actually dive into another training plan. Hopefully, that feeling will last at least a couple of weeks!


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