Saturday, February 27, 2010


Man, this blog kinda faded into the sunset, didn't it? Sorry about that, but there just hasn't been much to report - my workouts are still pretty unorganized, but are slowly becoming swim-bike-run focused again. Not a ton of any one thing, but I've been consistent, so I figure that's a good place to start.

We're looking more and more at the 1/2 IM at Racine, which is now a 70.3-branded race (something I actually like, just because they seem to do a consistently good job of putting on a event - nothing like putting in all the effort, and having the course distances be incorrect or not having enough water on the course), but haven't yet pulled the trigger. Cathy is getting a little PT on some nagging aches and pains, nothing serious, but rather something she hopes will keep her training/racing throughout the summer months.

I'm also looking at a Spring vacation of some sort to help break up these never-ending Midwest winters. Not really anything training-based, but just a few days to soak in some sun and get away from the Big City. We're looking a bit at Palm Springs, which would allow some phsical activity ( ie., Mt. San Jacinto State Park) if we feel the need to stray from the pool. If anyone's been to PS, we'd appreciate any reccommendations you might have on where to stay, eat, etc.

Anywho, that's it for now - boring, I know, but that's the winter for you. We'll get thins blog crankin' come Spring. I promise.



  1. For a spring vacation, I really can't recommend Branson, MO enough.

  2. I have only done 2 Half Iron distances and I agree the 70.3 was better organized and more accurate. Sounds like a great race!

    A spring vacation sounds wonderful. I don't know much about Palm Springs but I'm sure it's lovely!