Thursday, April 15, 2010

So much to say!

Okay, not really.

I just didn't want this blog to be repossessed or condemned or sold to some high school kid in Des Moines.

Training is still going, although I'm a bit irked because I had a rash of stomach issues a week or two ago that set me back some. At the risk of TMI, I tend to go through bouts of stomach upsets - bloating, gassy spells - that I think are somehow related to some sort of food sensitivity (dairy? gluten? soy?). Anywho, these spells usually last a week or so, and then tend to clear up, but I tend to eat less during these things, which makes me weaker, and the workouts aren't nearly as good. So, having just come off one of these periods, I feel like my fitness has taken a step back.

We did have a great trail run out in the suburbs two weeks ago a couple friends of ours, and it was amazing - almost a 10-mile loop on a rolling course almost entirely in the rain. It felt wonderful to just smell nature again. Our friends were a week out from a 50-mile trail race, so we did a 8-minute run and 2-minute walk pace with them, and it was fantastic. Apparently, the run/walk combo is is a very common practice for ultra-runners, and I can see why - those two minutes can do wonders for your legs, and it felt like we could do that pace all day. Cath and I are actually interested in giving it a go next year! Here's the link:

There's a 100-mile option, as well, but,, thanks. Fifty would be plenty challenging. Could be "fun."

Anywho, not to much else going on here. Our first race this year is in just less than two months, although I have yet to take the bike out into the real world in 2010. Hoping to get her tuned up this weekend, and, weather-permitting, hit the lakefront to clear out the cobwebs. It's been a l-o-n-g winter.

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