Friday, September 24, 2010

Damn, what now?

So, my 2010 racing season - as meager as it was - has now come to an end. Cath is doing the Indianapolis marathon in November, but I'm not a huge fan of marathons, so I'll be spectating that one. And, as happens every year at this time, I start chomping at the bit to figure out what to do next year. So, bear with me as I think out loud a little here...

The tide definitely seems turned toward Ironman Florida in November, so, depending on how successful we are in getting registered, that may be the "A" race of the year. If, not, we are also looking at IM Cozumel, which is also in November. We had briefly flirted with the idea of an IM Wisconsin-IM Florida double (roughly two months apart), but sanity prevailed, and we'll stick with "just" the one IM-distance race.
I'd also like to do some kind of hiking/climbing/camping adventure, which we didn't get to do this year. We've discussed with friends the possibility of climbing Long's Peak in Colorado (a 14,000-foot peak that doesn't require extensive climbing experience or skill), or perhaps hiking across the Presidential Range (http://http// back east. Either would be great in August.

Triathlon-wise, we'll likely to another sprint race in the spring, probablyTri Shark again, or a return to Galena (sorry, Cath!), and a 70.3 in the early summer. Cath has become enamored of the Vineman triathlon (http://http//, mostly because of its proximity to all.those.vineyards (!). We've done Muncie, Racine (twice), and Steelhead already, so a change might be nice. But I kinda have a problem with all the travel (and expense) associated with "only" a half-ironman. Elitest much? Perhaps, but that could be a lot of cash for a "B" race, especially if we do some of the other travel-related things I've mentioned. Hmmm...we'll have to discuss that one further.
Well, that's a start, I guess. I'd also like to do the following things at some point, although not necessarily in 2011:
- Climb/hike to Crater Lake, OR (thanks for the idea, Jen!);
- Mountain bike hut-to-hut from Telluride, CO to Moab, UT (;
- Hike to Machu Picchu along the Inca Trail (;
- Climb the Grand Tetons (
So, what do you think? Any other suggestions?

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