Monday, December 20, 2010

Don't Get Old

I am one out-of-shape mother f'er. Seriously.
The combination of a light racing/training year and, uh-hum, advancing age has killed my fitness, and I feel like crap.
Drew and I have been hitting up a boot camp-style fitness class at our gym recently - basically, just a group class with an emphasis on strength and high-heart rate agony - and the results have been humbling. I guess I'm not a kid anymore, and it's going to take some serious training to get back into the game, triathlon-wise.
But, I'm trying to look at the bright side, and think that it's better to realize this now - before the New Year - rather than be shocked when the training schedule starts in the Spring.
As such, I'm thinking of following some sort of pre-season training plan that will get me to April. Not sure what I'm going to do - I thought about a personal trainer, but I'm not inclined to spend the money. I'll probably keep taking the ass-buster fitness class, and add some other non-triathlon-ey stuff so as to not get burnt out before the real work begins in the Spring. I've been taking a day to row, walk the incline machine, and walk stairs, which I think has been helpful. And I need to run more outside. I've been lazy about braving the winter weather, but that needs to change.
In other news, I think we're close to choosing a couple more races for 2011 - Galena ( and Steelhead ( We've done both of these races before, so I know that they're quality events, and the timing is great as far as IM FL is concerned.
Now, if I can just get down to shaking off the rust....

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