Monday, March 14, 2011

The final countdown

So, as previously mentioned, I'll be following the Be Iron Fit training plan for this round of "Can John Make It Through Another Ironman Without Dying."

With the race falling on November 5 this year, that puts the first day of the 30-week training plan on April 11 (although, because the plan gives you Monday as a rest day every week, the training really starts on the 12th). That's fewer than 30 days from now, and feels like tomorrow. Gulp.

But what I like about Fink's plan is that it starts out rather tame, and the increases in training are moderate - the first week, for example, is only six hours of exercise, and only averages less than 10 hours per week for the first 11 weeks of the plan. Considering I'm already in the gym six days per week, this should be a pretty easy adjustment.

And I'm looking forward to following a plan again, while at the same time easing off on the high heart rate activity - sadly, Peak Performance (otherwise known as "60 minutes of pure, painful, agony not designed for a 42-year old man") will have to go on without me. Long and slow, here I come!

The only down side is having to pick up another day in the pool - I've been going once per week, just to remember how it's done, but will need to add another day in order to gain a bit more endurance. And I hate swimming. Especially with other people. A week or two ago, I was forced to share a lane with a guy much larger than myself, with the more bizarre stroke, and who was entirely unable to stay on his side of the lane. Totally threw off my swim, as I was terrified that a fist was going to come crashing down on my head every time we passed each other. But, I guess that's just comes with the territory. Hopefully, the warm weather will arrive as quickly as the cold did last year, and we'll be swimming in the lake before Memorial Day.

I also can't wait to get the bike outside again - it's been so long since we rode out in the suburbs that I'm afraid we'll get lost on our tried-and-true route. Did 90 minutes on the trainer on Saturday and it seemed like an eternity. I'd rather get buzzed by rednecks in pickup trucks than muscle through an indoor trainer session, so we may venture out a bit early this year. Again, praying Mother Nature turns on the warmth early this year.

Hope you're making through this winter in one piece!


  1. If I follow your training plan can you guarantee me I will look like the woman in the photo?

  2. By Peak Performance do you mean computrainer racing? If so, I am doing it too and it hurts!

  3. 30 weeks! I haven't even started training for IMWI :) I've been in PJs now for about 24 hours and am on my third cup of coffee. Guess I might want to get on the trainer or something! I hate swimming, haven't been since January but I signed up for Alcatraz so I have to get back to the pool too. We can encourage each other!