Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Things are picking up

Whew, it's been a bit of a whirlwind, training-wise, this week.

Monday is actually took the prescribed rest day, mostly because I was a bit pooped after going a couple of weeks without one. Tuesday I swam 2500 yards in the morning before work (4 x 500, 5 x 100) and ran an hour after work (tempo, probably around 7:30 pace). This morning I did 50 minutes on the trainer before work, alternating between intervals of 100+ rpm, seated climbs, and standing climbs. Tomorrow, we plan on riding an hour before work, to be bricked with a short (15-20 minute) run.

This is the last week in the base phase of our training plan, and it starts to get hairier from this point on - 12+ hour weeks, with an increased emphasis on strength and speed. This next period (the build) goes for another 10 weeks, and includes an additional swim session (the third) and another brick (the second) per week. I'm excited to mix up the intensity a bit - so far, the plan has us training consistently at Zone 2, and, frankly, it gets a bit boring (hence today's mixed session and last night's tempo run). My only concern is the scheduling - it seems that IM training comes down to one part physical effort and one part time management, with the time part often being the harder of the two.

Anywho, my new ride is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and I'll (hopefully) have it ready to go this weekend. Now, I just need the weather to cooperate...

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  1. Nice to have a new ride. I hope the weather cooperates for the weekend riding.