Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend shananigans

I did end up getting into the pool on Friday, albeit just for 1600 yards (500 free, 10 x 50, alternating fast/easy, 500 free, 100 CD). I think the intervals have been helping in the water, as my 50-yard time is down to to about 44 or 45 seconds (for the fast ones) and I can usually do the easy 50s in about 50 seconds, which is quite a bit better than I where I was a year ago. So, go me.

Saturday, I did cut the run short by 30 minutes and went home to do some core work, which I've neglected for quite a bit. The hamstring was noticeable - just a persistent feeling of tightness, really - but I've started a more aggressive stretching regimine in hopes of staving off any real problems. Fingers crossed on that one. I'm slightly scared that this is progressing in the wrong direction. I guess we'll see. Hopefully, the stretching and ice will do the trick.

Sunday, we hit up Palos again for a ride/run, but Drew forgot his helmet, so he ran while Cath and I did a loop (41 miles) on the bikes. Afterward, Cath joined Drew for another run loop (eight miles) while I put some more miles in the bike. I topped out at about 70 miles, and then did a short 20-minute brick with Cath. We hit the taco place again afterwards, which made for a spectacular nap in the afternoon. The hamstring felt fine all day.

Today is a glorious rest day, and I look forward to spending the night camped in front of the tv. Who knew that Mondays would become the best day of week?!

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