Monday, January 25, 2010

The winter blahs

Ah, winter. What can you say, really? It's long, it's cold, and makes you appreciate the summer months. Oh, and there's some really good winter beers available, like my little friend sitting to the left. I think it's the rich beer that makes the period from December to May at all tolerable.

Not much new to report from the Tales From the Mid-Pack head office. I'm still futzing around with various non-tri related workouts, including some spin classes and even a dash of rowing (!). It's been fun, and a real test of my aerobic capacity. I've also been mixing things up a bit within each workout, like rowing for 15 minutes, then doing stairs for another 15, and then maybe 15 more of incline hills or a short run. I'm totally loving the variety.

Other than that, we're pretty much nestled in for the rest of the winter. Cath is going to San Diego in March for work, but then we're thinking of hitting Palm Springs for a little vacation in April. We've never been there before, and would like to do a little hiking when we aren't lounging by the pool. It'll also give us something to look forward to, which I'm totally needing right now.

Cheers for now, and stay warm!

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