Thursday, January 14, 2010

A little update

I'm sure you're all wondering what I've been up to since IM WI and our Grand Canyon adventure, and I'd love to say that it's been time filled with exotic trips, lottery wins, and fine dining.

But it really hasn't.

The Fall was marked mostly by an unshakable inability to get back to the gym, along with a large amount of television, mostly of the NHL variety (Go Penguins!). But, with time, I have gotten back into the swing of things. Not necessarily triathlon-related things, but things. Mostly aerobic stuff on machines that I rarely use, like the incline trainer and stair-climber. Both have been great for pushing my heart rate into uncomfortable places and providing a relief from all the swim, bike, run I had been doing all summer. I'm still hitting the pool about once a week, but only for about a mile each time, and mostly because I'm afraid I'll lose what little proficiency I have if I take a complete respite from the water. And doing a modest amount of strength stuff. Mostly core. Nothing too crazy.

I'm also running once a week, mostly on the dread-mill. I actually enjoy running outside during the winter, but the Mrs. broke a bone in her foot at the end of September which sidelined her a bit, and Drew has been AWOL with various projects, so my primo running mates have been absent. And I haven't really had the gumption to run outside by my lonesome. Lame much? Why yes, yes I am.

So, activity-wise, I'm doing pretty good - probably doing something close to six days a week, but almost never more than 45 minutes a day. A far cry from an IM schedule, but consistent, and it's sure nice to be able to do whatever sounds like fun as opposed to swimming or biking or running simply because it's on the schedule.

I'll probably segue into a more triathlon-specific routine within the next month or so, but, for now, I'm liking the freedom of being able to play with all the cool gym toys and not pay any attention to splits or miles.

As far as an 1/2 IM goes, we're considering the Door County triathlon in July or Steelhead again in August. The race committee is still in session. But it's sure nice to sit back and dream about summer races - warm summer races, with sun, and beer, and...more beer.

Can't wait.

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