Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend adventures

It was a pretty mundane weekend for us - went out to dinner with friends on Saturday night, then I hit trainer for just over an hour on Saturday while the wife was at work. I watched parts of Troy Jacobson's "virtual reality" IM Wisonsin course (, which was vaguely entertaining, but left a little to be desired.

The dvd basically follows four riders, including Coach Troy, as they ride one loop of the Wisconsin course (about 60 miles). Two of the riders have cameras attached to their helmets and there's a support car that also has a camera, so you're getting a number of different perspectives. Troy also gives advice on gearing and identifies the hills so that you can try to simulate the ride at home.

Anyway, I knew things were off to a rocky start when Coach Troy and Co. - within the first 15 minutes of the ride - get lost. I'm not kidding. They stop, check the map, turn around and admit they don't know where to go. Huh?

I mean, seriously, you couldn't just edit that part out? Or start the ride over? Considering that people were going to pay money for this thing, I thought it was pretty amateurish. But, whatever. It was nice to see the course again (I don't miss those rollers one bit...), and I'll probably do the whole thing (it's about a three-hour dvd) when the training calls for more miles and the weather sucks. Which, being the midwest, is almost a certainty.

Sunday was an hour run outside - the temps dipped again, but luckily the wind was calm, so the 5 degrees was "just" 5 degrees. Eh. That's Chicago for you.

Thanks for reading, kids - I hope my ramblings prove a bit entertaining (and thanks for the heads-up on the training camp, Lauren - we'll have to look into it).

Happy Monday!

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