Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend stuff

Well, despite the crap weather, I got in my workouts for the weekend:

Saturday - one hour on the trainer, including four 5-minute intervals of standing climbs;

Sunday - hour run through the snow. The lakefront path hadn't been cleared (except for a few mis-guided idiots like myself and one brave/crazy cyclist).

Everything felt good, although the run took a lot out of me. Except for getting some groceries, we basically vegged the rest of the day.

Today I swam 1600 yards at lunch, divided into 6x200 (alternating hard and easy 25s) and 4x100 (alternating hard and easy 100s). Again, everything felt fine, and, considering there were only a couple other people in the pool, I even felt pretty fast.

Tomorrow is probably a core/strength day.

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