Sunday, February 22, 2009

So far, so good

Well, we're a full week in (only 29 left to go!) and everything's going fine so far. Actually, better than fine, since the workouts in the plan have been generally less strenuous than what we were doing just to get ready for the plan. If that makes any sense. But it's definitely nice to have some guidance, rather than just winging the details week-to-week.

Today was just a 45-minute run, which I oprobably did a bit too fast (it was only supposed to be a Zone 2 run), but it felt really nice to spend some time outside - cold, but sunny with nothing but blue skies. We swam again at the college pool on Friday night, which was also great - about 2400 yards, which went by really quickly. We may hold off on the Masters action for a bit, as our gym looks like it will continue to sponsor a once-per-week session (like the two that we've already done) on a weekly basis through March. The plan only calls for twice/week swims, so this might work out of us.

Yesterday we did an hour in the saddle (watched highlights from Lake Placid '08, where it rained pretty much all day - yuck), and tomorrow may be another swim. I'm still trying to work out the best possible schedule, so there may be a bit of tweaking still. The volume is still light enough that I may go without a total rest day for another week or two, just so I don't have to double up workouts mid-week. Scheduling-wise, it's much easier to get to the gym once a day, and I don't really feel like a rest day is needed quite yet.

Anywho, cheers and good luck to my fellow triathletes and whoever else is out there chasing a goal.

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