Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, I had the VO2 max test performed today, and let's just say I hope the results are off, or else I'm no where near as fit as I was in December of 2005 (when I had the last one done). I'm probably going to re-test next week and see if it's me or the machine that's off. Pfft.

Other than the test, itself, I didn't work out today. Wednesday I did an Expresso ride with Drew, and yesterday was a rest day. Tomorrow will be a long-ish ride and Sunday is looking like a long-ish run and then a swim at a local college pool (50 meters!). They're saying we might hit 50 degrees on Sunday!

We're also just over a week from the start of the 30-week training plan, and I'm excited to get a little structure put into my workouts. I like (and miss) the feeling that I'm actually exercising for a particular purpose, as opposed to just working out to stay fit (or not fit, if the VO2 max scores are to be believed).


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