Friday, February 27, 2009

Ho, hum

Not much new to report. The training is still pretty easy (I'm sure I'll look back at this later and laugh at how good I had it), and the scheduling has worked out pretty well. The early part of the week is still a little tricky for some reason, but I'm sure I'll get into a flow soon enough. I'm also trying to figure out where I can slide in some strength training, as the training plan doesn't really provide for any. Migh have to be Mondays (the so-called "rest day").

My left shoulder is a little wonky, which I think is from the swimming. Just a little soreness, but I'd hate for it to get any worse. We're swimming tonight, and I'll probably cut it short if it starts getting too bad. Pfft.

I did a 45-minute run this morning that started pretty blah, but turned around by the time I was about 15 minutes in, and I finished strong. Nice way to start the day.

Have a great weekend, kids!

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