Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week 3

Well, we got all of of workouts in last week, but things are picking up a bit in week 3. The recap:

- Monday - 30 minute run;
- Tuesday - 30-minute swim (should have been longer, but the crowds got to me and I cut it short);
- Wednesday - 30-minute bike at 100+ rpm, followed by a 15-minute run;
- Thursday - 30-minute bike at 100+ rpm, follwed by 20-minutes of core strength exercises;
- Friday - 45-minute run in the morning, and a 2400-yard swim in the evening;
- Saturday - 90-minute ride;
- Sunday - 65-minute run.

Again, not very Ironman-ey quite yet, but consistent.

Monday I did a 30-minute bike, followed by a 15-minute run, and this morning I did a 45-minute run. I'm also supposed to swim today, but my shoulder is still giving me some problems, so I may bail on that and try to fit it in later in the week (or just bail altogether).

1 comment:

  1. Dude. Do Ironmen ever rest? I'd probably be out of commission for a week behind all that especially when I consider how far a 45 minute run takes you vs. how far it takes me.