Monday, March 23, 2009

Cold bath, part 2

Well, thanks to the very good advice of more-established ice bathers (thanks, Kristin - wearing socks was key), my second foray into cold water recovery was a great success. While, it's still no picnic sitting in a pool of frigid water, it was much more tolerable this time and the positive effects were (again) huge. My Sunday ride following Saturday's hour run - two hours along the lakefront path with Cath and Drew - felt great. I'm a true believer. I just wish sitting in a bubbly hot tub worked as well.

The weeks are quickly rolling by, and our volume is steadily increasing - it's week 6, and we're at 9 hours, the highest so far. So far, I've been pretty good at following the plan. I skipped Friday's 45-minute run in favor of a strength session (I'm a little leery of taxing lasy year's gimpy hamstring too early), and I'm probably swimming at about half the volume that the plan has prescribed. I'm not too worried about the swims, though, just because I know from past experience that it's probably the least important leg of the race, time-wise, and it's probably best to not over-tax this year's gimpy shoulder too early. I figure that, once the lake warms up, we'll be out there plenty.

Monday is a rest day, but tomorrow we're looking at a swim session in the a.m. and an hour run after work. I'm debating doing the swim tonight after work, as the pool at home is back online, but I may just wallow comfortably in my rest day. We'll see how the day unfolds.

Hope y'uns had a great weekend!


  1. Don't swim here tonight. The pool is so full of chlorine that you cannot see the bottom or the walls. Take those rest days seriously, my boo. *love*

  2. Glad the ice bath worked! The socks make a huge difference. Hope you enjoyed the rest day. I know I did.