Monday, March 30, 2009

The (long) weekend

I took Friday off from work, for no other reason than I just didn't want to be there for a fifth straight day, and had a great weekend. Friday I swam (the gym opened it's 25-yeard outdoor pool early, and the 25-yard indoor pool is also fixed and ready for action) and did some "stength" stuff - and let me just say that IM training does nothing if not break you down into a weak, sad little shell of yourself. I have the physical strength of a 12-year old right now.

Saturday Cath and I ran for an hour along the lake path, which was lovely. A bit windy, but it was so nice to be outside. And then the snowstorm came in. Yes, I said the snowstorm. Hmphf. So, Sunday's two-hour outdoor ride turned into Sunday's two-hour indoor trainer session. I had forgotten how crappy it is to be stuck on the trainer for two hours. I got settled on a routine of 10-minutes easy, followed by 10-minutes hard, repeat, until it was over. Not much more to say about that, except to say that I hope winter is now officially over.

Oh, we got out compression stuff in the mail last week - Cath's pair, of course, fit perfectly, and she loves them so far. Could be a little tighter in places, but the overall quality appears to be very high and, hopefully, she'll see some long-term recovery benefits. Sadly, I had to send my own pair back because the fit just wasn't quite right. Instead, we went to our local running place and I picked up a pair of the 2XUs, which fit me much better. I wore them for most of the day after my ride yesterday, and they felt good. Not as sqeeze-ey as the Zoots were, but moreso than just regular running tights, so I'm hoping the benefits they claim are still there. We'll see. If anyone is considering a pair, I'd try the Zoots first - they just seem a lot more advanced than the 2XUs (or the Skins, another brand I was considering).

Anywho, we're now at week 7. Today's my rest day, but - as usual - I'm considering doing tomorrow's swim today so as to avoid the much-dreaded double on Tuesday. And, as usual, it's likely that I'll just take today off. But, who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself.


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