Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The shoulder

Beth, I've had a wonky left shoulder for a few years now, but it only seems to act up when I start swimming in greater volume. I swam this morning for 30 minutes, and it felt *pretty* good, but not great. I'm thinking of taking another few days off from the pool, and then give it another go. But what's training without some aches and pains, right?

I've still got to do a 30-minute run tonight, but that actually sounds pretty nice - I could use the fresh air.


  1. Shoulder pain is frustrating. I broke mine last fall and it's never been quite right since. Have you tried stretches or PT exercises?

  2. Hi, Kristin - I haven't really ever tried any therapy or stretches for the shoulder, which is really something I should do, because it keeps coming back. I did try to do more strength excercises to build up the area before training started (pull-ups, push-ups, etc.), but it obviously didn't help. I'm going to try and find some rehab-type exercises online and see if they help.